The historic town of Lagos is just 10 minutes away from Paraiso Jardim, the town has lots to offer. There is plenty of shopping, a good night life, and a large established Marina as well as its rich history. It is definitely the place to go if you want a change from the relative peace and quiet of Luz. It can get quite busy in high summer but don’t be deterred by this Lagos has some brilliant attractions including the ‘Gold’ church of Sainto Antionio which is well worth a look at, it is adjoined to the museum and there are lots of local artefacts on display. The fort is well worth a visit, especially at night when it and the ‘walled city’ are illuminated. You can’t miss the sculpture of Dom Sebastião, that stands in the main town square in front of the Town Hall.

The narrow winding streets with its cobbles  are well worth setting an afternoon aside to explore. If you like shopping there are unique boutiques and stalls to discover . Aside from shopping the architecture of the historical buildings is inspiring enough for everyone to appreciate. If you want to explore Lagos in style why not take a trip around town on one of the Honda Goldwing Tours? If you like motorbikes then this is the tour for you. Find the stall just by the bridge at the Marina.

Take a visit to the famous grottos in a small fishing boat, a local fisherman will show you the distinctive and magnificent cliffs and intriguing rock formations and even take you into the caves and grottos.

Lagos Grotto Tour