Spring has arrived!

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At long last spring is here!

We’ve had a bit of lousy weather this week which has stopped progress at times. We had some thunder and lightening on Tuesday morning which we were convinced was going to put the windows in- it was so loud! (okay maybe slight exaggeration there…but it was very loud!)

We had rain that reminded us of the scenes in Forrest Gump when he’s in the army…

‘We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night…’

In the garden yesterday pottering and pulling the weeds out while the ground was wet we saw these. Its a good sign things are going to start warming up soon and we can get started on painting our little hearts out.


snowdrops daffodils


We plan to start growing some of our own veg this year, starting with garlic. And some herbs which cant be too hard…or can it.
We’ll keep you updated (or if its not going well we won’t mention it ever again)

Hope you’re all well you lovely lot. Take care

Galo de Barcelos… Or the Rooster of Barcelos to you and me

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Maybe some of you have wondered about the cockerel often seen dotted around while on holiday here in Portugal.

Legend dating back to the 17th century has it that some silver had been stolen from a landowner in Barcelos (Northern Portugal). The town were keen to find the thief who took the goods but were having no luck until one day a traveller from nearby Galicia came to town and immediately became number one suspect. Despite his cries of innocence he was sentenced to death by hanging.

The traveller requested to see the judge who had condemned him, his wish was granted. The authorities took him to the judges house where he was entertaining his friends over a banquet, its centrepiece being a large roasted rooster. The traveller tried once again to profess his innocence but the judge was not in the least interested. 

It is as certain that I am innocent as it is certain that this rooster will crow when they hang me.” he cried to the judge

The judge lost interest in the banquet and didn’t touch the rooster. Still, he didn’t change his mind about the hanging.

The dreaded day came for the traveller. As he was about to meet his fate the roasted rooster stood up and crowed as the traveller had predicted. The judge realising what he had done raced to the gallows to find the traveler still alive. There had been a fault with the rope that had saved his life. The traveller was set free and left in peace.


So there we have it!

I hope you all enjoyed that little snippet. 



This week we’re thinking about…

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Volta ao Algarve 2015!

The 41st edition to be exact. We have missed this event for the past 4 years and with this one steaming through our sleepy village TWICE this year there really is definitely no reason to let this one pass us by.

Here’s the official website



Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Everybody! Let’s hope 2015 is a great one!

Well, we have had quite a busy few months since the end of last holiday season. We have been making improvements to the house, garden and apartments which has kept us on our toes.

Almadena suffered some terrible flooding before Christmas but thankfully we were mostly spared. Kathy being the trooper that she is was trying to keep the water out of Jasmine with an electric water pump standing in the pouring rain and lightening. Danger alert! Being on a slight incline helped a lot and luckily no water got in the apartments or house. We had a job stopping the pool overflowing so had to pull the plug out of it to prevent any further problems. Lets just say that was a fun couple of days.

Have you seen the video?
I will try to post it up when I get the hang of these blogs.

Here’s a little sneaky peak of a day in the life of Kath to keep you amused. She said she wasn’t too cold with her wetsuit on. Just her hands that were like blocks of ice. Marigolds just don’t cut it hey.

Looking Good 007!

Looking Good 007!

Telegraph Algarve Travel

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The telegraph has published a great guide to the algarve, we thought that we would share it with you

Click the link http://bit.ly/SWB3Gj


Let us know what you think

Happy New Year 2014

Posted ago by Mike

Happy New Year, we would like to wish everyone all the best for the coming year.

To celebrate the start of 2014 we are offering a 15% Price reduction on our apartments for holidays booked for May. To take advantage of this great offer please send us an enquiry on the bookings page!

Be quick, this special offer is only valid during January!


Happy New Year Portugal

Happy Holiday’s

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Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas from Portugal

sunshine christmas holiday portugal

A Cyclists Paradise

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The Tour de Algarve

Click the link to read more.. http://bit.ly/HaFQOs

Karl Burkett

Karl Burkett

Life’s a beach in Portugal

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The stretch of Algarve beaches from the sheltered South coast to the wild surf spots on the West coast offer up one of the best coastlines in Europe, in fact the region been awarded ‘Best European Beach destination’ at the World Travel Awards. Here is Antonio Pina, Presedent of the Algarve Tourism Board giving a few words at the World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony 2012 at Conrad Algarve.

Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year Everyone, it’s a little late which is the typical Portuguese style, but its better late than never!

2013 is an exciting year for us all in the Algarve with lots going on, the calendar seems to be jam packed with event catering for all tastes.