Paraiso Jardim Video

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Watch the video slideshow and see what Paraiso Jardim has to offer!

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 Special Offer

To celebrate the start of 2014 we are offering a 15% Price reduction on our apartments for holidays booked for May. To take advantage of this great offer please send us an enquiry on the bookings page!

Be quick, this special offer is only valid during January!



Spring Savings Special Offer!

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As spring is in the air and to celebrate 2012 we are offering a 12% Price reduction on our apartments for limited period only. To take advantage of this great offer please send us an enquiry on the bookings page!

Be quick, this special offer is for a limited period only!

Lagos Grotto Tours

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After reading an article by TripAdvisor ranking Lagos Number 1 out of 15 World Destinations on the Rise for 2012 it reminded us of the beautiful boat tours Lagos has to offer of the coves and grottos along the coastline. Just a short car or bus ride from Paraiso Jardim, a grotto tour is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon in Lagos.

With such a magnificent coastline of golden sands, beautiful cliffs and impressive rock formations, it’s hardly surprising there are so many boat trips on offer – choose from sightseeing trips, onboard BBQs, dolphin watching, fishing trips and more.

Boat trips are a brilliant way to see the area and its coastline in all its glory from a unique perspective. If you get the chance we recommend you should take a Grotto Tour by small fishing boat to visit the enchanting sea caves along the cliffs and spectacular rock formations of the coast.

Sagres Birdwatching Festival

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At the most south-westerly point of mainland Europe, Sagres has to be one of the most outstanding places in Portugal for Birdwatching, especially being a part of the Costa Vincentina Natural Park . The region attracts an ever growing number of birdwatching enthusiasts every year, who seek out the different species of birds.

With it’s unique geological position, Sagres has a lot to offer to the Birdwatching world. Autumn see’s thousands of birds making the journey south along this migratory corridor for the winter with over 160 different species. The coastal position of Sagres also offers an exceptional observation point for the many species of sea birds, as well as birds found in the forests and lowlands of the region.

Towards the end of September and beginning of  October Sagres will be host to the 2nd year of the Sagres Birdwatching Festival. If last year is anything to go by there will be field trips, lectures, bird ringing, competitions and even whale and dolphin watching.

If you would like any information on the festival please send us a message via our contact page and we can forward you some more information.

Happy New Year 2012

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year, Let’s raise a glass for 2012

All the Best

Kathy and Alan


Find flights the easy way!

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For a while now we have been using the skyscanner website, its a great tool for comparing the best airlines, flight times and prices, so we thought we would share and even add the tool to the website It is easy enough to use, just select the departure airport on the map then the destination and click show flights.

We hope this is helpful to you and hope to see you soon

A Surfers Paradise

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Combine a plethora of endless beaches, Beautiful Accommodation, a bounty of characteristic Portuguese food and some of the friendliest people in the world, and you have the makings of a great surf trip.

Summer Fete

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It’s been a while I know and the summer season is definitely with us.

We are starting the summer by hosting a Summer Fete for the local church.  Whilst I don’t go to church I am quite comfortable with those who do and St Vincent’s in Luz do some fantastic work for underprivileged families, the local orphanage and hold a soup kitchen a couple of times a week for those in need.  So when a friend asked if we would consider playing hosts I jumped at the chance, it was a great way to put something back into the Community.

The hardest part has been spending the last week strimmering the rather large field so that we can park 50 cars without any problems. Its about 30 degree’s fantastic sunshine but not so great when you have a pair of loppers and an axe in hand!!!

There are loads of stalls with all the usual Cakes, Tombola, Raffles, Crafts etc but we also have some more unusual entertainment like Chico the Clown and Dino the Parrot.

My brother Bob has come up with a few games which I think will take everyone back to their childhood he has built a Coconut shy, shooting the bottle (Very cleverly held on by a small magnet as the bottles are not real just cut out copies). He also has an aircraft hanger which you have to glide a plane into and of course the chip and put for the golfers.

I know it will be a great day for everyone and I will remember to take some photos so you can see the event.





First swim of the year!!!!

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It’s been 22 degrees today, sun has been shining and I have been stuck in a stuffy loft for most of the day.

The pool was whispering “Come in, come in” so I had to obey, it was a respectable 17 degrees, not bad for 4th April after all you still have snow in the UK!!!

All I can say is there are no cobwebs on me anymore, mentally or physically!

Did you know little piggies look like elephants???

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I had a phone call this morning from our neighbour who keeps pigs, chickens and the occasional stray dog.

He said that one of his pigs had just given birth to 8 piglets and did I want to have a look??

Well what do you think?

Armed with my wellies and camera off I went.

Mum was very happy to see us but still very protective of her brood but they were so cute probably no more than a few hours old.

What did amaze me is that they look like pygmy elephants, just need a trunk instead of a snout!!!!!

What do you think?