Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody! Let’s hope 2015 is a great one!

Well, we have had quite a busy few months since the end of last holiday season. We have been making improvements to the house, garden and apartments which has kept us on our toes.

Almadena suffered some terrible flooding before Christmas but thankfully we were mostly spared. Kathy being the trooper that she is was trying to keep the water out of Jasmine with an electric water pump standing in the pouring rain and lightening. Danger alert! Being on a slight incline helped a lot and luckily no water got in the apartments or house. We had a job stopping the pool overflowing so had to pull the plug out of it to prevent any further problems. Lets just say that was a fun couple of days.

Have you seen the video?
I will try to post it up when I get the hang of these blogs.

Here’s a little sneaky peak of a day in the life of Kath to keep you amused. She said she wasn’t too cold with her wetsuit on. Just her hands that were like blocks of ice. Marigolds just don’t cut it hey.

Looking Good 007!

Looking Good 007!

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