Strange goings on

Hello everyone

Hope you are all ok?

It’s been pouring down for most of this week. Luckily we have plenty of ‘inside jobs’ to be getting on with. That makes us sound dangerous doesn’t it!

The rain has brought all sorts of odd animal behaviour with it.

We have swallows trying to nest above our kitchen door and saw a baby snake at the weekend.

The cat brought in a little shrew to show us. As soon as he was dropped he scurried off into the kitchen and into the tiniest hole. Luckily Kath (resident zoo keeper) was on hand to coax him out and set him free. He was completely unharmed and set about finishing his day off.


And this little fellow showed up in the pool this morning. He must be on holiday. Once again Kath is out there putting him back in the pond where he belongs

Reggie the crayfish

Reggie the crayfish

Have a great week everyone


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