Summer Fete

It’s been a while I know and the summer season is definitely with us.

We are starting the summer by hosting a Summer Fete for the local church.  Whilst I don’t go to church I am quite comfortable with those who do and St Vincent’s in Luz do some fantastic work for underprivileged families, the local orphanage and hold a soup kitchen a couple of times a week for those in need.  So when a friend asked if we would consider playing hosts I jumped at the chance, it was a great way to put something back into the Community.

The hardest part has been spending the last week strimmering the rather large field so that we can park 50 cars without any problems. Its about 30 degree’s fantastic sunshine but not so great when you have a pair of loppers and an axe in hand!!!

There are loads of stalls with all the usual Cakes, Tombola, Raffles, Crafts etc but we also have some more unusual entertainment like Chico the Clown and Dino the Parrot.

My brother Bob has come up with a few games which I think will take everyone back to their childhood he has built a Coconut shy, shooting the bottle (Very cleverly held on by a small magnet as the bottles are not real just cut out copies). He also has an aircraft hanger which you have to glide a plane into and of course the chip and put for the golfers.

I know it will be a great day for everyone and I will remember to take some photos so you can see the event.





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