Wedding Testimonials

Martin & Claire

We had our wedding at Paraiso Jardim on the 4th October 2013. Being in the UK it was hard to plan the day and it was difficult to envisage what the day would be like as we did not know the venue layout. We had to leave it to Kathy to plan and organise everything and it was the best thing we could have done.

Right from day one Kathy had everything under control – she picked up on our personalities straight away and knew exactly what we were looking for from the day. Kathy arranged the celebrant, flowers, decorations, food and cake and was constantly in contact with us every step of the way keeping us updated at all times.

We still were not sure what to expect until we arrived at the venue two days before the wedding. When we finally got to meet Kathy and saw all the wonderful work she had done we knew instantly the day would be perfect. Everything was so much more than we had expected. Kathy had managed to capture our spirit in everything from the decorations down to the cake. Kathy had even added a little vase to the cake that she actually had at her own wedding as a something borrowed and old. It was these finishing touches that really made the day special and personal to us.

The day itself was truly magical. The wedding was at 4pm and throughout the day Kathy was working behind the scenes to ensure everything was perfect as well as managing to keep us calm and making the build up as relaxing as possible for us.

Our wedding was actually a surprise wedding. Our family that had come along with us were only told about the wedding the night before. As they were all staying on site they all mucked in on the day and helped set the venue up – each one of them really appreciated this and said helping to make our wedding venue perfect helped them really feel part of the day.

Kathy and Alan had their family staying in some of the apartments and these all helped too. Two of Kathy’s brothers were actually made official photographers for the day – something we had not been able to afford so this was a wonderful surprise to us and something that Kathy had taken on herself to organise which shows how much thought and kindness went into organising our wedding.

All the families helping and being part of the whole day was wonderful and something I don’t think anybody will forget in a hurry. This added to the whole family feel that we wanted to create. We wanted the themes of our wedding to be family and love and this was certainly captured by the way Kathy had organised and set up the day.


As the family were all staying in the apartment s on site they could get ready at their own pace as there was no transport to think about and everybody could have a drink beforehand as nobody was driving which they were all delighted with.

Kathy had organised for us to meet the celebrant one hour before the ceremony which was good as we had not met previously. It gave us time to get to know each other and relax before the wedding itself. Kathy’s brothers were on hand to take pictures before the ceremony and nothing was too much trouble for them.

We had known that the wedding would be perfect but nothing could prepare us for how good it actually was. As we stepped out into the bright sunshine in the beautiful surroundings to the sound of our procession music we both knew it was going to be magical.

We had a very intimate wedding with 20 guests, so we were able to include everybody in the ceremony. Manuel the celebrant was brilliant and had allowed us to decide on the content of the ceremony offering his advice when necessary, so the service was really personal to us and everything from the vows to the readings were extremely close to our hearts. Manuel had learnt our history as a couple and referred to this throughout the service which again made the ceremony so personal and touching for us and the rest of our family.

Kathy had set up the venue perfectly so everybody had a good view of us as we got married and the setting was beautiful. Kathy managed the music and was there throughout the service making sure everything ran smoothly and all props were on hand. We had a beautiful arch that we got married under decorated with flowers and the chairs had been transformed by Kathy’s handiwork the whole set up was elegant and enchanting.

Once the ceremony was over we had a drinks reception with Appetisers and then a three course meal. The seating area had been set up in a little courtyard adjoining Portuguese kitchen and was decorated beautifully. I had asked Kathy early on if we could have fairy lights around the venue for when it went dark. I was not disappointed. The lighting was fabulous. There were lanterns in the trees and candles on the table. As the sun went down the venue was totally transformed into a perfect fairytale setting. There were twinkling lights and candles glowing – it looked so romantic and the atmosphere was fabulous. All this and it was still warm – something you certainly would not get in the UK.

Kathy had arranged for us to have photos taken on the balcony at sunset and these were absolutely perfect. There was nothing that Kathy hadn’t covered.

As the night drew in and the dancing started. We reflected on the day and agreed that it could not have been more perfect. We could not have done better ourselves and Kathy went above and beyond to make our day so special, and it certainly was that and so much more. Magical and enchanting -a day so wonderful everybody would remember forever. It would not have been possible without Kathy and her beautiful venue and hard work. We thank our lucky stars that we had her because without her we are certain the day would have been nowhere near as perfect.

 Tina & Paul

Wedding date: 4th October 2014

My experience at the villa,

My whole wedding day exceeded all my expectations, the venue was stunning and the sun was shining absolute amazing day. The garden ceremony looked fab the photos were great under the big tree.

The food was fabulous more than enough and very well presented also tasted great.

Kathy was great, she helped me right from start and throughout could not have done this without her help.


She helped me to find florist, celebrant and caterer each one of them were wonderful people and helped my day feel very special.

Also Kathy sorted out our horse and cart ride down to Luz which was our highlight of the day.

Kathy and family were all amazing helping with setting everything up and taking care of us so we did have to worry about anything just enjoy ourselves.

We got so many amazing photos by the apartments, on the balcony and garden.

Totally recommend for weddings great venue, people and location we could not have wished for a better day.

Thanks again

Tina & Paul






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