What was I thinking!!!

I have recently agreed to do a sponsored walk for charity, the full details have not yet emerged but I know it is on 14th  May and its about 17 miles. Having not participated in any kind of physical exercise for about 2 years (I know shock horror for those that know me!!) I thought I better get some training in. So armed with my MBT’s I set off for Burgau with Al this morning, the weather was great not too hot not too cold, no sign of rain. 15 mins into the walk I was really enjoying myself taking in all the wild flowers which are now in abundance. Others had the same idea about a walk and everyone we met gave us the customary greeting “Bom Dia”. 30 mins into the walk my right heel started to throb, great the start of a blister. I have worn these shoes all day and gone out shopping, walking you name it, so why tell me as soon as I say training to them they start to rebel????

By the time we were on our way back, having stopped at Burgau beach and cafe for a quick bacon butty and a coffee (Well I need my energy), I was walking with my toes pushed up to the front of my shoes in an effort to stop my heels touching.

I now have the two biggest blisters I have ever seen and wish I had taken my fit flops instead!!

I’m sure there is a lesson there and when I find it I will let you know



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